Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Outfit Ideas

Hey there guys! This week, we (Em and Liv) start back school. :( We are in crunch time for exams! SO here's a couple quick outfit ideas that are warm and cozy but quick to throw together for those early, rushed mornings.

Liv: Here I'm wearing my favorite pair of jeans (Gap, Always Skinny), a fitted long-sleeve tee (Gap, The Bowery Soft in Mint Green), a hounds tooth print flannel scarf (World Market*), a black blanket scarf (MIXIT*), and my Black Converse High Tops! This casual outfit is easy to put together and very cozy & warm for those cold winter days.

 *Not 100% sure of all product details.

Em: I created 2 looks using a basic flannel from Old Navy that you can wear on its own or to add a little pop of color ( because I basically wear all black) you can layer it with a vest. Mine is from Old Navy also. I paired this with some black skinny jeans from Khols and my white high tops from converse. This is the perfect outfit if your rushing to pick out something to wear in the morning!

I hope you all enjoyed this and found some great inspiration to add to your own wardrobe. Have a great rest of the day and make sure to comment down below some of your comfy but cute winter outfit musts. Come back on Wednesday to see a yummy soup recipe from Em!

xoxo, Em and Liv

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