Monday, January 26, 2015

Nars Smudge-proof Eye Shadow Base: Review

        Hey Lovelies! Today's post is going to be about something I think is one of important steps when doing my makeup... Eye shadow Primer! Some may laugh and say don't waste your money on a silly product like that, but coming from someone who has experienced their eye shadow creasing and looking like a hot mess due to oily eyelids; its a must. Depending on your skin type and how long you want your eye shadow to last; the costs varies. I've tried everything from the $1 E.L.F. primer to the $30 Urban Decay one everyone is so hype about. Now, those might work for you, but if your skin is anything like mine then none of those have worked and you've begun to think the search is useless. Well if thats you then don't give up just yet. The Nars Smudge-proof Eye Shadow Base is AMAZING! I can apply it in the morning and don't have to worry about my shadows creasing throughout the day. It has a doe foot applicator which makes application a breeze. I use the NYX Eye shadow Base in the neutral shade to even out my skin tone, but am sure it works just as well on its own!

        Leave a comment down below what your favorite primer is and some more beauty posts  you want me to do!

xoxo, Em


  1. I haven't tried this eye primer! I don't wear a ton of eyeshadow, so normally I just use a NYX Jumbo Eye stick or Maybelline Color Tattoo as my base. Sometimes I put on Benefit's Stay Don't Stray, and I just picked up the Too Faced Eye Primer in December, but I haven't had a chance to test it out yet! I've heard lots about this one, so I'll probably make this my next purchase!
    xo, Laura