Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Cleaning!

Hi guys! So today I wanted to talk a little bit about getting ready for spring and summer, in terms of cleaning out your closet, makeup, etc! This week, we will talk about getting your closet ready for warm weather. 

Step one: get rid of stuff! 
It might be hard to part with items from your beloved closet, buy you need to remember, you haven't worn that top in a year! And does that skirt even fit you anymore? Here's a couple of guidelines to put your clothes through:
-if you haven't worn it in a year, ditch it. 
-if it doesn't fit, ditch it. 
-do you have anything to wear with it?
After applying those 3 rules to your closet, hopefully you will be ready to move on to step two! 

Step two: organize. 
I love my closet, so I try to keep everything in order. This topic could be a post all in its own, but I'll just summarize for now. 
-if you're closet isn't already organized by item, do it! Shirts together, pants together, etc etc. If you do have your closet organized that way but are looking to step it up a little, break each category down by color. If that sounds too obsessive to you, that's fine too. 
-I have racks in my closet, and I use these to put sweatshirts, winter accessories, and more on! If you have any type of racks or shelving, I suggest cleaning those out and fixing them up!
-finally, shoes shoes shoes! I have cubbies that my shoes go in, but that's OK if you don't! It's time to bring out your sandals, maybe donate a pair you don't wear anymore. Put all your sneakers together, get your flats lined up cute. 

Step three:
-it's important to remember being organized isn't everything. But it really helps me feel on top of things! Also, I love to organize so that helps too :)

I hope everyone liked my post, please.comment if you did, check back to the blog Friday for part two of Spring Cleaning!



  1. This will definitely help!! :) Excited to see spring!! :D

  2. I need to throw clothes out desperately! They're spilling out of my closet, linen cabinet, drawers, and boxes! It's pathetic. I keep my clothes really organized though, but not so much my shoes haha
    xo, Lauren-lee

    1. It sounds like we are the same person! Lol ❤

  3. I always feel so much better when I clean out my closet twice a year (once in spring, once in fall). Purging items that just don't work anymore makes room for better goodies!