Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Reaction + Theories

Hey friends! Sooo, Tuesday night was the season 5 finale of PLL. ( if you don't want any spoilers than don't read any further!) We found out who A was, but then again we totally didn't. This post is going to be all about my theories!

  • First of all , which I think was the most shocking reveal of the night.....Mona's ALIVE! When the girls first see her, she is pretending to be Alison and in my honest opinion I thought she went crazy...again. But then later that night when the generator stopped for a few minutes she explained to the girls that she was just pretending and that A had kept her their since she faked her death. 
  • Now, it was revealed that A's name is apparently 'Charles'. Well that's great we have a name, but that's all. We don't actually know who he is. In the home movie that Spencer saw it made it appear as if A is Jason's twin. I think he really is, because I remember thinking while watching the season 4 finale, that Jason could have a twin. 
       When Spencer came face to mask with A she looked like she knew exactly          who it was. Maybe it was just me, but I definitely got that vibe from her. 
    • I think Charles is really either Wren, Lucas, or even Ian. We thought we saw Mona dead so obviously Ian can be raised from the dead too. 
  • I think Andrew knows who Charles is and is trying to somehow protect the girls by creepily stalking them and their relatives?
  • Finally the Rosewood Police actually believe that the girls are in some real danger. It's about time!

I hope you guys somehow understood my jumble of words. This episode left me even more confused than before. Leave a comment down below if you watch the show and any theories you have. I'd love to hear them! 
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Love ya!

Xoxo, Em 


  1. My friends tell me I need to watch PLL. I heard it's on Netflix so I might try and marathon this summer when all the other shows are on hiatus.

    1. You definitely should! It's such an addicting show!