Monday, December 15, 2014

Must See Christmas Movies!

Hey girls! We have less than 2 weeks until Christmas, which means I've been stepping up my movie game. There are literally tons of Christmas movies out there. If you don't believe me just go look on Netflix. With that being said it is nearly impossible to watch every single Christmas movie, but that's okay because I'm here to help! I will be giving you a guide of the all of the Must See Christmas movies!
  •   Alright my personal all time favorite Christmas movie to watch with my family is Elf. It is sooooo funny. We watch as a family at least once a year and I never get tired of it! The Polar Express is another classic Christmas movie you can watch with your family and never get tired of it! I babysat some kids this summer that wanted to watch it and I think I liked it better than they did! The last "classic" Christmas movie I think you should watch at least once in your lifetime is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I think this movie is so cute and I think their customs are adorable!

  • Now, if your scrolling through Netflix one night wanting to watch a cheesy romantic Christmas movie your in luck! These are one of my favorites to watch! My personal favorite is Dear Santa, but A Christmas Kiss, and Coming Home For Christmas are also really good. 

  • Of course I love all of the Santa Clause movies! Another one of my favorites is Once and Twice Upon a Christmas. 
I hope this helped you narrow down which Christmas Movies you have to see this holiday season! If your planning on watching all of these you better get started! If you think I'm missing any please feel free to leave a comment down below of your all time favorite Christmas movie! I hope you have a good rest of the week! I'll see you on Friday with a Food post!

xoxo, em

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