Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide!

Hey Girls! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week. There is only 15 days until Christmas! I love to get gifts for all of my friends and family, but sometimes I run out of inspiration of what to get people. If your like me then don't fret! I have come up with some gift ideas that will hopefully help. These gifts are going to range from about 10- 30 dollars ( and if you don't have that much to spend on people don't worry, next week Liv is posting a DIY gift guide)!
  • Something I think you can get anyone and they'll love it is anything from Bath & Body Works. My favorite things to get people as gifts from here are candles and lotion! My favorite line is the Aromatherapy Stress Relief line. It smells sooo good!

  • Another cute little thing I feel like you can't go wrong with buying somebody is a "beauty kit". All of the beauty companies are making value packs with multiple products in it that you can buy. I know Benefit has some good ones, but you can buy which ever one you feel fits the person your buying it for the most. I giving one of my friends this mini set from Nivea:

  • I think giving someone perfume is always a great idea, but if your like me you can't necessarily splurge and buy a full size. Luckily I found mini perfume bottles from Target for 11.99! This is a great thing to buy if your not sure they're going to like it or maybe you just don't have the money to spend a great deal. I'm getting this for one of my family members:

  • If you have a person in your life that maybe isn't really into beauty products you could get them a portable phone charger! I took this on a mission trip to Buffalo, NY this summer and it was a lifesaver! I didn't have to worry about my phone dying and all of the outlet space being taken. Prices vary but I got mine on Black Friday for 10 dollars. I'm pretty sure it was originally 20. 

I hope this helped you come up with some inspiration on what to get that one person that you absolutely couldn't think of what to get! Have a great day and make sure you come back on Friday to see what Liv posts!

xoxo, Em

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