Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday is Coming!!

You guys know what's coming this Friday, right? No...not the food baby from Thursday's dinner. BLACK FRIDAY! If you've never been Black Friday shopping before, this year is when everything changes. Because you're going. Yes, you are. 

First off, you need to figure out where you want to go shop, and what you want to get from those stores. Thursday morning is when the sales papers come out, but only if you get the local newspaper. So we like to look through the sales flyers, and check out stores such as Gap, Belk, and Old Navy for clothes, and Target, Best Buy, and Walmart for electronics. If you don't get your local newspaper, you can check out websites of your favorite stores for deals! A couple of our favorite places to shop are Ulta, Bath & Body Works, and Francesca's as well. 

Once you have an idea of stores and items, make a list. Also, try to figure out a schedule. What stores to hit when, (especially if the sales are a specific time period) and which stores are priority. 

Here's what Em & Liv have planned for Black Friday:

Liv: My mom and I plan to get up and hit the stores around 5 am! We will shop at most of the stores listed above, for clothes, makeup, and Christmas gifts for the whole family! Our priority stores are Gap and Ulta! Victoria's Secret is also a good one to check out!

Em: My mom, aunt, and I are planning to go to Belks around 9 on Thursday night! I definitely want to get some new boots! Then, Friday afternoon we're going to go to Bath and Body Works and Old Navy. We plan to get some Christmas shopping done and just have fun!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we also hope we've inspired you to face the crowds and shop Black Friday! Happy shopping!

Xoxo, Em and Liv

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