Wednesday, November 12, 2014

About Me: Emily Marie

          Hey girl! My name is Emily Marie, the other half of Em and Liv's! I'm just a 15 year old girl who loves beauty, fashion, Jesus, cooking, and of course Netflix! I am currently obsessed with Gilmore Girls, it's sooo funny. Sometimes I just wish that I could be Lorelai Gilmore. I'm the type of girl who is shy at first but crazy once you get to know me. One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a blanket and watch a cheesy romantic movie.
                This blog is going to be so that I can help you all with random things in daily life. I will be sharing my thoughts on  food, faith, makeup, fashion, along with other random things. My goal is for you guys to get to know me so I hope you don't mind if sometimes these posts sound more like journal entries. I can't wait to get started! Our posting schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday alternating who posts what. My next post will be on Friday so watch out for it! If you have any requests on what I should write about please leave comments down below.


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