Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting Organized: #1

Hey friends! Liv here! So my Wednesday post is going up on a Thursday. Oops! Y'all still love me right? I knew it. Anyways. IT SNOWED a teeeeeeny tinnnnny bit last night where I live! Some of you reading this might roll your eyes at that, but it's always super exciting when it snows here. Even for 10 minutes. As a result of that, we have no school! Kind of rediculous I know, but some schools couldn't get their heating systems to work properly. Therefore, no school for me! Ok ok, I'm done talking about me. Let's get organized! 

 Write it down
-so I love to use my planner to organize. The planner is a Mead planner, "Cambridge Edition". 

Here's a page in my planner for the upcoming week. I have my planner color coded for events! I knownthatbsounds like a lot of work, but once you get everything set, it's really not! Here's my colors:
Pink: schoolwork
Purple: yearbook 
-I'm on the yearbook staff at my school, and since I am super busy with stuff for that class, so I gave it a separate color. 
Blue: personal stuff 
-I use this one for plans I make, or church, things like that. 
Orange: commitments
-this is for work, babysitting, photoshoots, church, etc. basically anything I "commit" to. 

Stay consistent. 
It's super important to not stop writing stuff down. If you keep up with it, it will become easier and be like a second nature! 

Don't forget, won't forget. 
I don't know if I'm the only person out there like this, but I'm always forgetting things. Mom always tells me, "you're too young to be forgetting stuff! That's me!" So... But really. I constantly forget about homework or plans or posting on the just got real. But I want to be real! So I'm telling you to write it down, write it down, WRITE IT DOWN. It sounds a little redundant, but "don't forget, won't forget" is pretty true. 

Ok, that's all for this blog post! Stay tuned for the next Getting Organized post on Monday! It's going to be about getting organized in a more technology-ish way. 

Comment if you enjoyed this post or found it helpful! Do you guys like a little blurb about what's going on in my life? I'm thinking about doing that each time. Let me know in the comments! 

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